Activity Sheets

Fun kids activities for National Tree Day.

New activity guide

Join us and other students across Australia to help protect our environment for our future. So that you can understand more about how planting trees helps our environment, we have some puzzles and games for you to enjoy!

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Enviro Diorama 0.15MB

Build your own enviro diorama full of all kinds of fantastic and interesting wildlife.


Tree Anagrams 0.13MB

Unjumble these letters to find the names of native Australian trees and shrubs.


Native Tree Wordsearch 0.13MB

Look for the different types of Australian native trees.


Tree Growth Chart 0.12MB

Use this growth chart to keep track of your seedling's height.


Tree Tag 0.10MB

A simple game that's great for big open spaces.


Making a Mini-Herb Garden 0.21MB

A how-to guide about how to make a mini-herb garden for your home.


Treasure Hunt Templates 0.32MB

Use these templates to embark on an environmental treasure hunt at your Tree Day site.


Explorers Log Book 3.92MB

Nature Explorers outdoor adventures


Leaf Detective 0.29MB