What is National Tree Day?

Established in 1996, it has grown into Australia's largest community tree-planting and nature care event. The program is a call to action for all Australians to get their hands dirty and give back to their community.

Each year, around 300,000 people volunteer their time to engage in environmental activities that educate Australians about the world around them. While every day can be Tree Day, we dedicate celebration of Schools Tree Day and National Tree Day to the last Friday and last Sunday in July. It's a day to venture outdoors, get to know your community and, most importantly, have fun!

Schools Tree Day: Friday, 28 July 2023
National Tree Day: Sunday, 30 July 2023
Tropical Tree Day: Sunday, 3rd December 2023

Why plant trees?

Trees are natural carbon sequesters - meaning they absorb and capture carbon from our atmosphere. The timber they produce is also an important, environmentally friendly building material because it stores carbon and is a renewable resource. So it's important we continue to plant trees and look after our natural environment.

Being in nature is also good for your health and wellbeing! Having a dedicated day to plant a tree (or more) gets us all out and into our beautiful landscapes.

What is The Seedling Bank?

The National Tree Day program has seen Australian communities plant almost 26 million trees since 1996. These trees have been supplied through fundraising and campaigns at a local level.

To help further support Australian communities with their tree planting efforts, we created The Seedling Bank in 2019. Through generous donations from individuals and businesses, we can provide financial support to schools and community groups where seedlings are needed the most.

Financial grants are awarded directly to successful applicants to get seedlings in the ground and help restore our unique Australian landscape.

Learn more about The Seedling Bank.

How to get Involved

Over 26 million trees have been planted by more than 5 million people, and this number continues to grow with the help of people like you. Hundreds of local councils, schools, community and environmental groups, and businesses across Australia take the opportunity to run a Tree Day event. You don't have to be planting trees to get involved, we encourage groups who are working on bush regeneration or any other nature preservation activity to register for National Tree Day. By registering you will get access to a bunch of resources and insurance for your event. Join our community!

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Each year over 3,000 preschools, kindergartens, primary and high schools across Australia participate in range of Schools Tree Day activities.

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Each year, hundreds of thousands of people volunteer their time to plant seedlings and regenerate thousands of hectares of unique Australian landscape. You can host your own site or volunteer at a site.

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Each year, thousands of councils across Australia get involved in National Tree Day activities. Tree Day is an opportunity to engage with your community and help protect the local environment for years to come.

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Tree Day is a great opportunity to bring nature into the workplace or encourage staff to get outside and connect with nature and the local community.

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At Home

Tree Day can be enjoyed in your own home - no matter how big or small. There are plenty of ways to get involved.