Me and My Tree

Join us this year as we invite all of our community to delve into the realm of poetry and storytelling, exploring the significance of a tree in our lives. The theme is "Me and My Tree".

Every tree has a story to tell. They are intricately intertwined with our ecosystem, environment, and wellbeing.

Trees forge deep connections with their surroundings and with us. Their branches provide shelter from the elements, offering a haven for local wildlife. They stand as silent witnesses to our dreams, and childhood adventures like games of hide-and-seek. Some trees grow alongside us, becoming deeply cherished and holding a special place in our hearts.

Branch out your creativity and let your words take root in our poetry competition, where trees inspire verses that soar to new heights.

Congratulations to our winners

Early Learning

Elizabeth Rennie - Carina Heights Childcare Centre

Primary School

Jaxson Kane - Wattle Grove Primary School

Taylor Ruaine - Dromana Primary School

High School

Mia Fitzell - Pedare Christian College

Natalie Palmer - Pedare Christian College


  • 2 x $500 garden voucher
  • Competition closes Sunday 30th July 2023

How to enter:

Submit a written poem, short story or a video sharing your poem or story (5MG or less). Your poem should be no longer than 40 lines. (Excluding title.) All stories must have a title and must not exceed 500 words (Excluding title). Please ensure that the entrant's name does not appear in the poem. One entry per group or per individual.