Schools Tree Day is a great opportunity to inspire and educate future generations on the many benefits of trees and connection with nature.

Schools Tree Day is celebrated on Friday 26th July 2024, but you can register your event any time of year that suits your climate.

Tree Day is a great way to inspire students to learn about the local environment while playing an active role in their community.

Activities range from planting bush tucker gardens, building habitat for native wildlife, nature play, and our annual school competition.

To learn more, download the schools how-to guide to assist you in your planning. The guide offers a wide range of activities, event ideas and lesson plans that have been developed specifically for Australian schools.

Register A Site

Join our community of over 3,000 early learning centres, primary schools and high schools across Australia by hosting a planting site or participating in regenerative activities.

As part of your schools registration, you will receive access to:

  • The Coordinator Hub
  • Tree Day Toolkit
  • Editable participation certificates
  • The Seedling Bank grants
  • Monthly newsletter updates