National Tree Day News - Three trees can offset an average size home's annual lighting output

Three trees can offset an average size home's annual lighting output

Date: 01-Jul-10
Author: Michelle Cook

Three trees are all that's needed to offset the average size home's annual lighting output, according to new information from Planet Ark.

At today's National Tree Day launch, the environmental organisation revealed its aim for this year's event is to plant a million new native trees and shrubs.

Planet Ark, in conjunction with Toyota is calling on all Australian families to give back to the environment and offset a year of their home's average lighting needs by getting involved in National Tree Day on Sunday 1 August.

"A million trees are capable of absorbing the same amount of greenhouse gas emissions that are generated from the annual lighting needs of approximately 348,000 households, which is equivalent to a city the size of Adelaide," says Planet Ark spokeswoman Rebecca Gilling. "By getting involved in National Tree Day and planting a tree for yourself, one for your children and one for our country, not only are you helping grow Australia's tree population, you'll be reversing the environmental impact of your home's annual lighting needs."

"Over its lifetime a single tree will absorb over 268 kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions. The average Australian home's annual lighting needs will emit 770 kilograms of greenhouse gases. So get involved this National Tree Day and help create a cleaner and healthier environmental for the next generation," said Toyota's Senior Executive of Sales and Marketing, Dave Buttner.

As Australia's biggest community tree planting event, National Tree Day and Schools Tree Day are responsible for planting 15 million native trees and shrubs by approximately two million volunteers over the years.

Click here to find your nearest tree planting event or call 1300 88 5000.


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