Planet Ark's Ambassadors on National Tree Day 2018 research

National Tree Day 2018 Community Service Announcement

NTD 2018 Research Grab #4 - Howard Parry-Husbands 1.31MB

Howard Parry-Husbands is the CEO of research company Pollinate and a non-executive director of Planet Ark. "I think what we need to do is recognise that some people love technology, and everybody will be healthier and happier if they're outdoors connecting with nature. Therefore, we need to use technology to help people connect with nature, not blame technology for people not connecting with nature."


NTD 2018 Research Grab #3 - Costa Georgiadis 1.29MB

Costa Georgiadis is the host of ABC's Gardening Australia and an ambassador for Planet Ark. "I'm excited about Planet Ark's research because it isn't hammering people for being addicted to their phones. It's asking them to get outside, mix their green time and screen time and engage in some nature therapy."


NTD 2018 Research Grab #2 - Dr Amanda Lloyd 0.83MB

Dr Amanda Lloyd is the director of Outdoor Connections, teacher and a Planet Ark ambassador. "Planet Ark's new research is exciting, because it shows rather than splitting our screen time and green time we can combine the two and learn in the outdoors."


NTD 2018 Research Grab #1 - Rebecca Gilling 1.37MB

Rebecca Gilling is the Deputy CEO of Planet Ark. "You can use screen time in nature in a variety of ways including plotting your hikes using trail apps, participating in events like the Aussie Backyard Bird Count and using plant identification apps when you're out in the garden."