Running or supporting a Tree Day planting has many benefits for your council area. 

National Tree Day is officially on Sunday 28th July 2024, and is a great way for councils to connect with their community.

Each year hundreds of councils across Australia take the opportunity to host a tree planting event, hundreds of thousands of people volunteer their time to plant seedlings and restore thousands of hectares of unique Australian landscape.

Get creative and incorporate other environmental activities such as composting workshops, live music, sustainability workshops and native plant giveaways.

Activities vary from planting events, regenerative activities, workshops and more.

To learn more, download the council how-to guide to assist you in your planning. The guide offers a wide range of activities, event ideas to help you get started.

Register A Site

Join thousands of Tree Day Site Coordinators who host planting sites across Australia all year round.

As part of your registration you will receive access to:

  • The Coordinator Hub
  • Tree Day Toolkit
  • Volunteers Insurance
  • Ability to upload offers of resource
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National Tree Day is officially on Sunday 28th July 2024, but you can register your events any time of the year that suits your climate as we believe every day is Tree Day.