Join the thousands of volunteers who plant native seedlings and restore our unique landscape. Host a site, volunteer at a site near you or apply for a Seeding Bank grant. 

National Tree Day is celebrated on Sunday 30th July 2023, but we encourage events at any time of year.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of people volunteer their time to plant seedlings and regenerate thousands of hectares of unique Australian landscape.

To learn how to host an event, download the Community how-to guide. The guide offers a wide range of activities and event ideas to help you get started.

Don't have time to host an event? You can still get involved by volunteering at a site near you.

Register A Site

Join thousands of site coordinators who host Tree Day planting sites across Australia, all year round.

Once you register you have access to:

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  • Tree Day Toolkit
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  • The Seedling Bank grants
  • Offer of resources
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