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Friends of Lake Claremont Ltd.

We are planting 1000 native seedlings on the wetland buffer of Lake Claremont – a Conservation Category Wetland and Bush Forever site. Restorations efforts began here 30 years ago. The planting is vital as 7 huge Moreton Bay Figs were removed due to an infestation of the Polyphagous Shot-hole Borer (PSHB). The figs were not indigenous to Perth, so replacement with local plants will result in a long-term increase in wildlife habitat for insects, frogs, birds, and brown bandicoots. The vegetation will also provide female snaked-necked turtles cover from ravens when they come out of the water to nest. The turtles are on the decline throughout the southwest of WA. The Friends of Lake Claremont (FOLC) are working closely with the Town of Claremont on one of the largest ongoing urban restoration projects in Australia. But restoring the area has become even more important than ever. In late 2022, an invasive beetle from Asia, the Polyphagous Shot-hole Borer (PSHB) was detected at Lake Claremont. PSHB farms a fungus inside the tree as a food source for the beetle and its larvae. In susceptible trees, the fungus kills vascular tissue causing dieback and tree death. If a tree is heavily infested, the only known treatment is to cut down the tree and chip it into tiny pieces. PSHB is a great threat to the tree canopy around the lake and throughout Perth, with many mature trees being lost. Everyone is being encouraged to learn how to detect the beetle, notify their council and stop its spread. Please come along on National Tree Day to plant vital new habitat for our wildlife. FOLC celebrates the day on Sunday June 9th this year.

Wildlife Corridors Native Animal Habitat Threatened Species Rivers, Wetlands, Waterways


Sunday, 09 June 2024

8:00am to 10:00am


21 Lakeway Street


WA 6010


Site Organiser

Heidi Hardisty

RSVP Contact

Heidi Hardisty

0416 614 696

Suitable for Children


Accessible for Wheelchairs



Meet on the eastern edge of Lake Claremont about 100 metres south of the FOLC shed. (Walk in a west direction towards the lake from Lakeway St cul-de-sac, Claremont.) Look for the yellow FOLC flag. We are planting along the edge of the wetland.


All ages are welcome. Instructions, tools and gloves are supplied. Tea, refreshments and snacks will be served. Please wear closed-in shoes, long-sleeves, a hat. Be prepared for rain. Book early to avoid disappointment.


Gloves,Tools and equipment for planting,Watering cans / buckets,Drinking water,Snacks,Refreshments