Taree Bicentennial Gardens Tree Planting Day Tree Day Site Details

Taree Bicentennial Gardens Tree Planting Day

The Taree Bicentennial Gardens was started by the Rotary Club of Taree in 1988 to celebrate the 200 year anniversary of the first visit of Captain Cook to Australia. Over the years, it was not maintained and has become rather derelict. Our aim is to refurbish the Gardens to make it a restful, attractive place where people can learn about native plants and history. The native plant revegetation will provide shade and beauty, increase the biodiversity of the Gardens, help prevent soil erosion, and the native plantings are hardy and they will protect, preserve and enhance the natural riverside and creekside areas. The Garden pathways towards town lead along the Manning River towards the newly built and highly used River Stage. The pathways leading away from town have been extended over a newly built walking/biking bridge over a small creek, Brown Creek. This creates an extension of the Gardens. The native plant revegetation will help prevent erosion in this area especially near the creek.

Urban Renewal Rivers, Wetlands, Waterways


Saturday, 09 September 2023

9:30am to 1:30pm


Site Organiser

Frances Rosamond or Grace Maano

RSVP Contact

Di Woollard


Suitable for Children


Accessible for Disabled



Bicentennial Gardens is a quiet park in the centre of town almost surrounded by the Manning River and Browns Creek. A pathway meanders along the river and through the trees with picnic tables available to use. This area is very popular for private functions such as wedding ceremonies and family get-togethers


The Rotary Club of Taree has many volunteers who have been working hard over the past year to refurbish the Bicentennial Gardens. The Club has put in new pole lighting with solar panels. We have refurbished and added new pathways and brought in sandstone blocks and benches for seating. The Taree Rotary Club volunteers have the necessary skills for doing the native plant revegetation . We also have expert advice from the plant nurseries and from the environmental members of Council


Gloves,Tools and equipment for planting,Watering cans / buckets,Drinking water,Snacks,Refreshments,BBQ