Rotary Adopt A Tree- Severn Park, Berridale Tree Day Site Details

Rotary Adopt A Tree- Severn Park, Berridale

For five generations, Charles Massy's family rode on the sheep’s back and nearly destroyed their land in the process. After the drought in the 80s and 90s almost sent him broke, he switched to regenerative agriculture and watched his overgrazed land recover. In his mid-50s, Charles Massy started a PhD, visiting 80 top regenerative farmers to see what they were doing differently. That led to his ground-breaking book ‘Call of the Reed Warbler’, a plea to farmers to start working with nature. Maintaining groundcover by destocking and moving stock regularly is key to regenerative agriculture. The groundcover protects the soil, improves its health, the plants trap water and are home to insects for natural pest control. The Severn Park strategic plan to instigate vibrant biodiversity contiguity includes some permanently fenced off native grasslands under covenant to the NSW Biodiversity native conservation trust for regenerating endangered native temperate grasslands. The Massy family and friends have planted 1000s upon 1000s native trees and shrubs commencing in late 1980s. As a result of this work, and collaborating with botanists and biologists, there are up to 145 bird species (including now endangered resident woodland birds), many native mammals (e.g. kangaroos, red-necked wallabies, wallaroos, dunarts (native bush mouse), sugar-gliders, southern ring-tail possum, brush possum), and some rare reptiles (e.g. highly endangered Monaro earless dragon), the rare white-lipped snake and more than 145 native grasses.

Wildlife Corridors Native Animal Habitat


Saturday, 14 October 2023

9:00am to 3:00pm


579 Black Range Road


NSW 2630


Site Organiser

Barry Antees

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Barry Antees


Suitable for Children


Accessible for Wheelchairs



The Massy family’s sheep grazing property, Severn Park, covers approximately 850ha (2,000 acre) and joins the Wullwye National Park. It is located close to Berridale, 2hrs from Canberra (4.5 hours from Sydney).



Gloves,Tools and equipment for planting