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Kongwak Hills Landcare: Love your Reserve Day

The Pioneer Reserve is in need of some love from its community. Some dry years have diminished the north/west section such that a critical mass of understory and trees have died back leaving the forest exposed to further dryness, loss of plants and proliferation of weeds. Replacing the understory and trees will restore this part of our beautiful reserve to a sustainable landscape and support its plants animals and birds. We want you our community to learn about landcare, love your forest, and learn how to give it the care it needs.

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Saturday, 29 July 2023

10:00am to 3:00pm


undefined Williams Street


VIC 3951



Site Organiser

Grace Couchman

RSVP Contact

Grace Couchman

0419 591 165

Suitable for Children


Accessible for Disabled



The Pioneer Reserve William St Kongwak


The pioneer reserve is located behind the Kongwak Tennis club in Scotts Reserve and the planting will take place in the area immediately beyond the entrance. We will break for snacks and may gather in the reserve or in the tennis club (if the weather is cold) a couple of times for tea and snacks. There is some parking in William St near the entrance to the reserve and also plenty of parking in Scott’s reserve carpark. We will have signs showing the way to the event. Closer to the day, we will know which equipment is best for the planting (Hamilton planters or Hico planters) and will keep people posted. The Pioneer reserve has a magnificent stand of mountain ash in its south eastern section and volunteers should make time to walk down the track to the Foster creek to have a look.


Gloves,Tools and equipment for planting,Drinking water,Snacks,Refreshments