Our volunteers come from all walks of life and span across generations. School children, teachers, Landcarers, bush carers, urban regenerators, wildlife carers and farmers who are looking to regenerate the land with their communities.

All the tales we hear through National Tree Day remind us of the power of nature and the importance of collective action in creating a brighter future. To support our volunteers to continue their work, we established Planet Ark's Seedling Bank. It is an evolution of the work we do through National Tree Day, which has seen over 26 million trees, shrubs and grasses planted. The Seedling Bank has provided funding for over 80,000 seedlings to 132 school and community groups. This year we are set to fund another 50,000 seedlings all around Australia.

Hundreds of groups apply for grants each year and unfortunately, we don't have the funds to award all applicants. In 2022, we supported 8% of applications and this year we were able to support 22%. Help us grow The Seedling Bank and support all the community-led regeneration projects around Australia.

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