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Our Schools Tree Day and National Tree Day

The team at Planet Ark would like to thank all the schools, community groups, councils and individuals across the country who joined us over the weekend and got their hands dirty for a better environment!

The team at Planet Ark would like to thank all the schools, community groups, councils and individuals across the country who joined us over the weekend and got their hands dirty for a better environment!   On Friday, for this year's Schools Tree Day, the Planet Ark team got their hands dirty with some very enthusiastic gardening friends on a sunny day in Northern Sydney. The festivities began with Kent Road Public School's gardening club at the Eden Gardens Garden Centre, where we were lucky enough to have the local horticulturist give us the lowdown on all the unique native plants around Eden Gardens. An Acacia tree was planted by the students followed by seedling plantings where everyone young and old got their hands dirty.  

In the process, we got some very articulate and intelligent statements on the merits of trees and spending time in nature from some of the newest members of the Schools Tree Day community.


"I want what is a normal city to become a very green one, what would be a boring city would become very energetic and balance out the greyness of the city," one Kent Road student said.  "Planting trees is important to keep a natural balance and I think my generation will help keep the environment balanced."  

The Planet Ark team then travelled to the eastern suburbs of Sydney to join several students from Moriah College in a planting with Kerri-Anne Kennerley. The school's sustainability officer Nicole ran through all the wonderful programs such as the vegetable patch with home grown potatoes, the local scarecrow and the importance of planting natives that act as an ecological corridor to the surrounding centennial parklands.


If you thought that was enough tree action for us, you would be mistaken! On Sunday, the Planet Ark team joined the City of Sydney and volunteers from around Sydney to plant native seedlings at Sydney Olympic Park (a dog lovers haven) for National Tree Day.    Schools Tree Day and National Tree Day isn't just about planting trees, it’s about getting outside, appreciating nature and connecting with those around you. Our theme for Tree Day this year, Connect in Nature, explored biophilia, our innate connection to the natural world, and the possibility of combining 'screen time' with 'green time'.  In the comments from children who have grown up in the digital age of screens and iPhones, who don't know a world without technology, the appreciation they have for nature puts everything in perspective. Just because we live in the age of technology, doesn't mean it is all we can know or appreciate.  Many of the comments from students participating in Schools Tree Day reflected our knowledge of biophilia and the will to be in and connect with nature. Further confirmation is found in the beautiful smiles of the many thousands of participants we are seeing in photos coming in from all around Australia. 

So thanks again Australia and remember – every day can be tree day!

Positive Action

  • For those that participated, don't forget to send us your results and give us feedback via our National Tree Day survey.
  • National Tree Day isn't really over until our friends up north have had their chance to shine on Tropical Tree Day. Plant something tropical on December 2nd this year!
  • Start planning your National Tree Day 2019 event, or if you agree that every day should be tree day, get outside, get those hands dirty and plant a tree today! 


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Jennifer McMillan

Jennifer joined the Planet Ark team to support the 2018 National Tree Day campaign. With a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and Master’s degree in Journalism, she is passionate about science communication with a focus on multimedia storytelling. Prior to joining the Planet Ark team she travelled to Jordan as a foreign correspondent. She works as a vet nurse in her spare time!