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Students grow more with nature

Thousands of students across Australia are taking part in Schools Tree Day today. By connecting with nature, not only are these students helping to create vibrant habitats, they are also sowing the seeds of a lifelong connection with nature.

Thosaunds of schools and students are heading outside today to take part in Planet Ark's Schools Tree Day. Whether they are planting native trees and shrubs, vegetable gardens, vertical gardens or plants for their classrooms, today's aim is to bring a bit of nature into the school. More importantly, Schools Tree Day marks the begining of a lifelong connection with nature for the students. 

National Tree Day manager, Debbie Agnew says that Schools Tree Day is a fun, exciting way for students to enjoy nature. Planet Ark's free, curriculum based lesson plans enhance the benefits of learning in a natural environment. These lesson plans range from early learning years, to primary school and all the way to senior high school.  

At Planet Ark, we believe that students grow more with nature.

Our latest research, Adding Trees - A Prescription for Health, Happiness and Fulfilment shows that learning in an outdoor environment improves academic outcomes across all curriculum areas. 77% of teachers reported student improvements in standardised tests and enhanced performances in reading, writing, maths and science. 

"The outdoor setting has a positive impact on a range of student behaviours and are all linked to cognitive function, memory, imaginative play, creativity and enthusiasm for school", Debbie says. 

Although Schools Tree Day is officially celebrated today (Friday, July 29th), teachers can still register a site for any day of the year. Schools Tree Day is organised by Planet Ark in partnership with Toyota Australia's local dealership network, which provides on the grounds support at local tree planting sites Australia-wide. 




Hasmukh Chand

Hasmukh was part of the National Tree Day campaign in 2016. He has a wealth of experience working with other great environmental organisations, as well as a degree in environmental science. Hasmukh also volunteers with the SES and continues to support other environment groups as a volunteer.