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Meet the Tree Day Team - We're Here to Help

All of us at Planet Ark are busy as ever supporting more than 2000 coordinators nationwide who make Tree Day happen. Below are a few faces who have worked for Planet Ark and National Tree day for a number of years. These are the ones who respond to your emails, phone calls and general enquiries about the event.

It's National Tree Day on July 31st, and just before it Schools Tree Day July 29 - and the team at Planet Ark are busy as ever supporting more than 2000 coordinators nationwide who make the day happen!

Below are just a few of the faces you may speak to if you are organising an event, looking for support or just want to find a site near you to take the family for National Tree Day. Tree Cheers from Planet Ark!

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The Information Centre

We are your pit crew for National Tree Day. Many of the team have been on board for nearly 10 years and all of us are passionate about Tree day!



Ellice Kely

Ellice has worn many hats, from pastry chef to Souvenir Manager at the Uluru Culture Centre to selling crystals in the Blue Mountains. She now puts her gift for customer service to excellent use as an essential part of Planet Ark's Information Centre, as well as assisting the finance team.

"Working at Planet Ark is fun. I work in the Blue Mountains but visit the Sydney office regularly bringing treats like home made cheese, bread as well as fresh eggs, fruit & vegetables grown in my backyard."

Claire Bell


Claire has been working at Planet Ark since 2011, after working in the communications industry and raising a young family. She is passionate about her children and helping the environment. Claire is super-organised and excellent multitasker, which helps in her joint roles as Office Manager and Information Centre Campaign Support Officer.

"I can't think of anything more important than taking care of the world we live in because it ultimately means we are taking good care of ourselves."

Bronwen Maxwell


With a passion for socio-environmental education and creative visual expression, Bronwen draws on over 25 years working professionally in creative, cultural and environmental projects around the world. Her experience working with Australian communities and schools has made her a valuable asset to the Planet Ark team since 2003.

"Planet Ark attracts a team of passionate, intelligent and creative people working cohesively to offer positive socio-environmental living solutions."

Marty Middlebrook


Marty's team help you get involved in Planet Ark's campaigns. From finding answers to your most tricky recycling questions to where to plant a tree - the Information Centre are at the front line. Marty draws on diverse experience and qualifications including psychology, support for homeless youth and training young Australians to work in Conservation and Land Management, he has spent his entire career helping people get the most out of their community. He started with Planet Ark in 2012 managing the Information Centre, making it easy for Australians all over the country to do their bit for the environment.

"I grew up playing outside. I love that Planet Ark not only champions time in nature, but that it also demonstrates the actual benefits and positive effects for people – as well as just how easy it is!"

Hasmukh Chand


Hasmukh joined Planet Ark to support the National Tree Day campaign. He has a wealth of experience working with other great environmental organisations, as well as a degree in environmental science. Hasmukh also volunteers with the SES and continues to support other environment groups as a volunteer.

"I was born in Fiji and spent most of my time outdoors where I fell in love with nature. These days, I work for Planet Ark's National Tree Day campaign to encourage people to get outdoors and enjoy nature and make a positive difference to the environment"

National Tree Day Manager

Debbie Agnew


Debbie Agnew has 20 years of experience running community engagement campaigns, having worked for the United Nations Environment Programme, the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games and Clean Up Australia Day. Deb gets excited about social innovation and her greatest strength is inspiring the hearts and minds of hundreds of thousands of individuals who take part in in National Tree Day activities every year.

"I love my work at Planet Ark, because it allows me to connect Australians to the nature on their doorstep. To me, nature reflects our inherent nature as individuals: transformational, creative and powerful."

Media Manager

Sara McGregor


Sara has held a variety of media and communications roles in both the non-profit and private sectors, including positions in the UK, Ireland and Canada. A keen recycler and nature-lover since childhood, Sara was excited to join the Planet Ark team in June 2011. Her work with Australia’s media plays an essential role in spreading the word about the positive environmental actions everyone can take.

"The natural world is an amazing place and I have been shaped by my experiences of it, so I want to help inspire others to appreciate and care for it. We’ve only got one planet!"

Chief Information Officer - Our IT Guru

Ian Bridges


Ian is one of the longest-serving team members at Planet Ark, having joined the organisation in 2006. In charge of Planet Ark's IT infrastructure, he keeps our websites running smoothly. With a background in Management and over 25 years in IT, software development and engineering, Ian likes to use technology to make our lives easier. When not working with computers, Ian enjoys playing music, cooking (and eating) great food, spending time with his family and helping run the historic Linden Observatory in the Blue Mountains.

"Planet Ark makes environmental change seem possible to people"

Marty Middlebrook

Marty started with Planet Ark in 2012 and is currently Head of Operations. "I grew up playing outside. I love that Planet Ark not only champions time in nature, but that it also demonstrates the actual benefits and positive effects for people – and how fun it is!"