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The Hawkesbury EarthCare Centre Tree Planting Day

The Hawkesbury EarthCare Centre is a hub for community education into sustainable living and a rare established 100% organic community garden. The group (HDRAA) was established in 1970 by dedicated organic enthusiasts, some of whom pioneered organic certification in Australia and promoted alternative technologies such as solar power and permaculture principles before they became available for mainstream adoption. Today we have evolved to incorporate global ideas through our local actions. We encourage intergenerational learning by inviting school programs onsite to interact with our mature members. We foster multicultural inclusion by inviting immigrants to growth their own culturally significant foods, learn English and find a place to belong in their new county, as we working alongside each other in the garden. Our aim through the National Tree Day planting event is to: 1. Grow awareness of sustainability and resilience through actions that everyone can participate in. 2. Plant fruiting trees to attract birds and nourish people, both physically and spiritually as we work together to care for them long-term. 3. Rezone our entrance from a sun-catching mound to a hill of pollinator resources. This is where we will plant the shrubs and flowering grasses. We have already collected out baseline data through the Wild Pollinator Count in April. We intend rezone this garden, put up signage to education the community of the importance of providing pollinator habitat and floral resources (especially during winter). In November we intend to recount through the Wild Pollinator Count and measure our impact on the local pollinator populations.

Native Animal Habitat


Saturday, 28 August 2021

6:00am to 8:00am


Cnr Campus Drive and Science Rd, Western Sydney University


NSW 2753


Site Organiser

Michelle Mak

RSVP Contact

Michelle Mak


Suitable for Children


Accessible for Disabled



The Hawkesbury EarthCare Centre is located on the corner of Campus Drive and Science Rd Richmond, inside the Western Sydney University's Hawkesbury Campus.


When you arrive, please park your vehicle inside the EarthCare grounds (free parking but please be mindful of pedestrians) or within a designated campus car park (buy a day ticket). Please bring your own water bottle and gloves, a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. Children are welcome and encouraged but must be supervised by an adult at all times. All visitors must sign in and abide by Covid-safety guidelines.


Tools and equipment for planting,Watering cans / buckets,Drinking water,Refreshments,BBQ