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Tree planting for wildlife

On National Tree Day we aim to plant over 100 trees to provide important wildlife habitat. The planting area is located on the banks of Pioneer Creek which is currently consists of a grassy area grazed by cattle. This project will improve stream health and provide habitat for native animals, including numerous threatened species. The project includes planting of native trees, shrubs and groundcover plants which naturally occur in the Wyong area. Along south-eastern Australia, during autumn and winter there is a shortage of trees that flower and provide nectar and pollen for animals. Floodplain plant community types at Central Coast Wetlands include species such as Swamp Mahogany (Eucalyptus robusta), renowned for prolific and reliable flowering during autumn and winter. These forests provide valuable foraging habitat, including for two critically endangered birds, the Regent Honeyeater and Swift Parrot. The Swift Parrot migrates all the way from Tasmania just to find trees like Swamp Mahogany. During 2019 it was estimated over 100 Swift Parrots visited the Central Coast to reach autumn and winter flowering trees. This is significant, considering the population size for the Swift Parrot is estimated to be <1000 breeding pairs. It also demonstrates that the Central Coast is a crucial location to conserve and restore habitat for threatened birds such as the Swift Parrot and Regent Honeyeater. Additional threatened species recorded at Central Coast Wetlands that may benefit from this project include: • The Black Bittern, which favours timbered waterways; • The Squirrel Glider, through increase of habitat linkages to the Wyong River floodplain corridors, and planting of key food resource plants including Wattle (Acacia) species; and • The project will also protect and support the natural regeneration of the tree Wyong Paperbark (Melaleuca biconvexa), which occurs along the Pioneer Creek corridor.

Wildlife Corridors Coastal Rehabilitation Threatened Species Rivers, Wetlands, Waterways


Sunday, 01 August 2021

10:00am to 12:30pm


1897 South Tacoma Road


NSW 2259


Site Organiser

Jed Field

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Jed Field

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The planting site is located at Central Coast Wetlands – Pioneer Dairy, at Tuggerah. If navigating to the site, the address is: 1897 S Tacoma Rd, Tuggerah NSW 2259 The turn off for the site is 50 m after passing under the Railway bridge on South Tacoma Road. Turn into the Central Coast Wetlands driveway entrance (with the big sign) and continue past the first cottage and follow signs to the carpark.


Please ensure you are dressed appropriately for the day’s activities, this includes: Enclosed shoes, long pants, long-sleeve shirt, hat and sun glasses. If you have some gardening gloves (especially for children) please bring them with you!


Gloves,Tools and equipment for planting,Watering cans / buckets


Madeleine Snook