Garibaldi Landcare Group Tree Day Site Details

Garibaldi Landcare Group

This is the first of 2 small-group planting activities being held at this site for National Tree Day, to try to work within current meeting restrictions. The other date is 22/8. A maximum of 5 people, so please sign up early and we will confirm date, time due to weather. Our aim at this site is to replace the cut back Spiny Rush in the salty wetlands toward the front of the Reserve, following preparation work done by Garibaldi Landcare Group member and teacher at Federation University along with selected students. We have 500 tubestock allocated, to be planted over the 2 activity dates.

Wildlife Corridors Native Animal Habitat Threatened Species Rivers, Wetlands, Waterways


Saturday, 08 August 2020

10:00am to 12:30pm


465 Hardies Hill Road


VIC 3352


Site Organiser

Linda Wright

RSVP Contact

Linda Wright


Suitable for Children


Accessible for Disabled



To get to Hardies Hill Road, proceed out Mount Mercer Road from Buninyong, Victoria, approximately 11 km, and turn right into Hardies Hill Road. The turn is also marked on Mt Mercer Rd. with a blue Reserve sign, 5 km. The entrance is on your right about 4.6 kilometres along. Sign at the front of the Reserve: Leigh Catchment Group Event, and permanent Hardies Hill Water Reserve signage.


Anyone planning to attend must be eligible, e.g. not self-isolating, have no sniffles or other contagion symptoms of any sort (regardless of whether it might be COVID-19 or others), and be willing to work in their own designated patch away from the rest of the crew. Strictly BYO refreshments, gloves, boots, workwear to suit the weather on the day; the only thing on offer will be hand washing facilities and first aid. We will have procedures in place to make the working site as safe as possible, which I'm sure we will all want to follow diligently to stay healthy. Work will start at 10 am, but will be postponed depending on weather, pandemic lockdown rules, or working party members including you, requesting a different time or maybe the Sunday. We will contact you to confirm the arrangements on the day prior. We will be planting some trees, 100 for the day approx., and approx. 150 shrubs. It should be just as much fun as usual, but we might have to do a bit of shouting (smile) because of the social distancing measures. And we will, I'm sure, gather in a well-spaced group afterwards to socialise with our BYO refreshments. Thanks so much for considering this event. Note to Sarah from Seedling Bank Grant, Planet Ark: This year, I have grown 1500 tubestock for our set of 6 National Tree Day events, to sell on to Garibaldi Landcare Group at cost (approx. 50 cents per plant), as per our recent email conversation.


,Tools and equipment for planting,Watering cans / buckets