Plant the Seed for Tree Day

WATCH our 2-min video with award-winning nature photographer and naturalist, Steve Parish OAM, on how nature teaches us three skills kids need most in the age of climate change.


... What do children need most in the digital age?

... How prepared is the next generation to face the greatest challenges of our time?

... How will we grow tomorrow's leaders?


New research by Planet Ark, titled Learning from Trees - Life Lessons for Future Generations, sponsored by Toyota Australia, makes a strong case for the importance of outdoor learning. Read the Full Report (25pages, 7.5MB pdf) or the Key Findings (4pages, 1.5MB pdf)


TAKE PART in the largest nature-care event

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Tree Day activities can include planting projects, land or bush restoration, and educational events that inspire residents to outdoors enjoying the environment. We promote all public events online, and can also connect you to participating local councils, schools and businesses to do great things together.

Be part of the country's biggest nature care and planting initiative. Branch out to the community in a meaningful way and inspire your neighbourhood to dig in for their local environment and help nature thrive. You'll be joining hundreds of community groups, environmental agencies, sport clubs, faith groups, youth networks, families and schools, in making a difference to your community area, fostering a love of nature and creating positive environmental change. Nothing so simple could be more important for the planet or future health and wellbeing of our children.