10-Minutes Outside Can Heal An Online Nation

Technology is everywhere these days. Research shows that when we give the bleepin' gadgets a break and just add nature, we grow healthier, happier, brighter, calmer and closer.

Watch, like and share our video for a quick fix of laughter and green time.  Behind the humour is medical and scientific research based on Planet Ark's new report, Adding Trees - A Prescription for Health, Happiness and Fulfillment, sponsored by Toyota Australia.

And remember to join us for a dose of nature on Schools Tree Day (Friday 29 July) or National Tree Day (Sunday 31 July).


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Community Garden Competition
Date: 20-Jul-16
Author: Hasmukh Chand
This National Tree Day, Planet Ark and Toyota are giving you the opportunity to win $7,500 worth of garden makeover for your local area. This is a fantastic opportunity to bring a little green oasis which can be enjoyed by your family, friends, neighbours and community.

Stressed? Sleep Deprived? Book A 10-Minute Date With Nature
Date: 13-Jul-16
Author: Claire Bell
Let's pretend there was a magic potion for improved wellbeing. This potion would reduce your risk of diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular disease and even depression.

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