'Linking Landcare' Lesson Plans

These lesson plans are taken from unit 10 of the Planet Ark 'Do Something' environmental education kit developed for schools by the Australian Association for Environmental Education.

Learning Outcomes - As per the National Profiles:

The Arts

  • Making, Arts Practice: Making images and objects, creating artworks


  • Speaking and Listening: Contextual understanding of texts; Communication and interaction; Development of skills and strategies
  • Reading and Writing: Contextual understanding of texts; Language Structures; Development of skills and strategies

Studies of Society and Environment

  • Time, Continuity and Change: Analysing the concept of time; Identifying and understanding continuity and change
  • Place, Space and Environment: Features and patterns of places; Human-environment interaction and relationships; Care of places
  • Natural and Social Systems: Natural systems; Economic systems; Use of resources

You can download the 'Linking Landcare' lesson plans in pdf format (972 Kb).