National Tree Day News - Thank You To The Women Who Make National Tree Day Happen

Thank You To The Women Who Make National Tree Day Happen

Date: 06-Mar-15
Author: Claire Grant

Girl with watering can © Claire Grant

The overwhelming majority of National Tree Day coordinators for school and community plantings are women. They come from all walks of life - teachers, Landcare volunteers, P&C members, Bushcare & environment officers, to name a few.

What is truly wonderful about these women is their ability to create positive change. They are bringing the wider community together in an act of solidarity, helping create an awareness platform to showcase the importance and relevance of nature in our lives. They are safeguarding our children's futures and right to grow up playing outdoors, climbing trees and rejoicing in nature's splendour.

National Tree Day this year is on Sunday July 26 and Schools Tree Day is on Friday July 24. We have special grounds to celebrate as its Tree Day's 20th anniversary. We will be honouring our past coordinators and volunteers who have helped make Tree Day Australia's largest community tree planting and nature care event.

 So today, let's celebrate International Women's Day by being visible in, celebrating and taking a lead in protecting our natural spaces. We encourage you to get outside this weekend and enjoy what nature has to offer and maybe even plant a seedling or two.......


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