National Tree Day News - Plant a Memory

Plant a Memory

Date: 19-Apr-13

Plant a memory

The ‘Legacy Garden of Appreciation’ at Melbourne’s War Memorial is dedicated to the people who support Legacy’s work of assisting the widows and families of deceased veterans. The seeds of the Flanders poppies were brought from Villers-Bretonneux in France, a site where many Australians died during the First World War. It is just one of the many public sites around the country that uses gardens, trees and plants to remember individuals and communities that have made a contribution to society.

You can create your own personal version of these sites. Planting a tree or creating a special part of your garden can create a living legacy of a special person or milestone in your life. A tree not only makes a beautiful tribute, it will also nurture you and the environment as it grows. A tree or garden can honour a lost loved one or celebrate a new one.

You can even register your personal planting as a National Tree Day site and create a living tribute to the environment too.

If you don’t have access to land suitable for planting, Treehenge can plant one for you. The Condamine Alliance started growing a living memorial to life and sustainability, where you can dedicate a commemorative tree by sponsoring a planting in the sustainable forest. You can even share your hopes, thoughts and memories of people on their special Treehenge Tree Plaque.

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