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National Tree Day 2017 - Toyota Ambassador Grabs

National Tree Day 2017 - Planet Ark Research Spokesperson Grabs 

  • News Grab 3 with Kirrilie Smout ( 2.06MB wav file)
    "From a psychological perspective, developing grit, or determination, in kids is essential. Kids with grit will keep trying when they face challenges, and look for new solutions when the old ones stop working. Research shows that people who persist at tasks for longer are more successful at them. Kids with grit keep going to soccer practice and keep studying even if they don't always succeed."
  • News Grab 2 with Kirrilie Smout ( 1.94MB wav file)
    "We need to give kids the opportunity to develop crucial life skills such as critical thinking and resilience, and research has shown that time in nature can enable this. For parents and carers, this can be as simple as taking your child's indoor activities, like meals or homework, outside, or walking the dog. Small changes like this can make a big difference to a child's development."
  • News Grab 1 with Kirrilie Smout ( 2.95MB wav file)
    "According to teachers the skills kids most need to face global challenges like climate change for instance are grit - or determination, emotional intelligence and critical thinking. I agree with these teachers. Future generations will need to persist through hardships and set-backs. Successful problem solving requires concentration and grit. We will also need to work together and establish positive relationships, so emotional intelligence and communication skills will also be crucial."
  • News Grab 4 with Dr Amanda Lloyd ( 2.93MB wav file)
    "The standout result of Planet Ark's research was 60% of teachers said that to face major global challenges like climate change, students most needed to build resilience, emotional intelligence and critical thinking skills. It is also interesting to hear that only 4% ranked STEM skills, which are science, technology, engineering and math, in the top 3 qualities needed to address the world's greatest challenges. And I know from my work in outdoor learning that it's possible to teach traditional subjects but also develop those essential softer skills."
  • News Grab 3 with Dr Amanda Lloyd ( 1.91MB wav file)
    "The survey found that teachers feel unable to teach outdoors more often due to a lack of infrastructure, time pressures and the focus on standardised tests. We need to do more to support teachers so that they're able to take their students outdoors, which is why events like Schools Tree Day and the outdoor lessons provided by Planet Ark and Cool Australia are so helpful."
  • News Grab 2 with Dr Amanda Lloyd ( 2.19MB wav file)
    "Outdoor learning was added to the Australian curriculum in 2015, but the survey showed that less than 34% of teachers taught outdoors for more than 15 minutes in a whole term. And if we look at other western countries, such as Finland, the kids must spend 15 minutes outside every hour, and that's regardless of the weather! There's a lot we can learn from those countries to increase students' outdoor learning time."
  • News Grab 1 with Dr Amanda Lloyd ( 1.72MB wav file)
    "For most children, the majority of their time is at school it is spent at a desk, but it doesn't have to be that way. Our research shows that it's possible to take learning outdoors and still satisfy the curriculum while also helping kids develop crucial skills such as grit or resilience, emotional intelligence and critical thinking."
  • National Tree Day Radio CSA 2017 ( 8.29MB wav file)
    This is the 2017 National Tree Day CSA as sent to radio stations. Runtime: 30 seconds.