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Schools Tree Day

Schools Tree Day is a reminder of the importance of nature in our daily lives and is a call-to-action for educators to introduce nature-care activities, outdoor learning, and fun, healthy environmental programs into day-to-day experiences for our children.

You can organise your Tree Day event on any day of the year that suits you, however, most people run their activities on or around the official days of Friday July 27th for Schools Tree Day and Sunday July 29th for National Tree Day.

Schools Tree Day generally happens on school grounds during a school day. It could be practical planting or nature care activities in the school playground, outdoor lessons, classroom learning or community planting projects. It's a great excuse to get grubby, for hands-on learning and beautify the school. Last year, close to 3,000 preschools, kindergartens, primary and high schools took part in Tree Day. The school community – teachers, principals, parents, students –dug in for the environment and had fun. 

Planet Ark will help your school or early learning centre make the most of your special event by providing:

If you need a little help getting started, call the National Tree Day Hotline on 1300 88 5000 or contact us by email.