Plant the Seed for National Tree Day

Be part of the country's biggest nature care and planting initiative. Branch out to the community in a meaningful way and inspire your neighbourhood to dig in for their local environment and help nature thrive. You'll be joining hundreds of community groups, environmental agencies, sports clubs, faith groups, youth networks, families and schools, in making a difference to your community area, fostering a love of nature and creating positive environmental change. Nothing so simple could be more important for the planet or future health and wellbeing of our children.

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Tree Day activities can include planting projects, land or bush restoration, and educational events that inspire residents to outdoors enjoying the environment. We promote all public events online, and can also connect you to participating local councils, schools and businesses to do great things together.

"The feedback has been wonderful. Kids and teachers loved the outdoor education, meeting other kids and contributing. They get a sense of its relevance, because it’s not about somewhere far from where they live but their own local environment." Sara Schmude, Landcare


"The National Tree Day campaign was very helpful in increasing volunteer participation." Survey respondent


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