Planet Ark have developed a range of environmental factsheets full of interesting information and tips to teach your students about the world they live in. 

  • How To Plant Trees ( 250kb pdf file)
  • Drought-busting Tips ( 265kb pdf file)
  • Tree Maintenance ( 739kb pdf file)
  • Planting for Biodiversity ( 84kb pdf file)
    With uncertainty over the future of current climatic conditions, having strong biodiversity will give the best chance for species to adapt in the future and avoid becoming extinct.
  • Planting for Climate Change ( 83kb pdf file)
    Of course any plant will help to combat climate change by locking up carbon in its growing tissue. So why plant natives when any plant will do?
  • Local Native Plants ( 737kb pdf file)
    There are many reasons why planting native plants that are local to your area (also known as local provenance) is important.
  • What to Plant - and Why ( 391kb pdf file)
    Tree Day is all about planting native species that are local to your area, often referred to as provenance plants. It's important to get the right advice in selecting appropriate plants.