The Tree Pose (Tiryaka Tadasana)

Instructions from our Yoga Guide Excerpt from our Yoga Studios Guide


• To come into tree pose you want to have a strong GROUNDING in your feet.
• Ground down through your left foot and transfer weight to your left leg.
• Spread your toes wide and rooting them down - like they're ROOTS of a tree.
• Lengthen up through the leg (making sure not to hyperextend the knee).
• Engage the thigh - your TRUNK- a strong FOUNDATION. Like a MOUNTAIN ASHE.
• Pivot the ball of the right foot and place the heel on your left ankle.
• You could stay here just like this and it would be a perfect tree pose.
• If you like you can move your foot to your calf or even up to your thigh. Pressing thigh into foot, foot into thigh.
• Still growing out of your FOUNDATION, lift up out of your waist.
• The important aspect of this pose is balance not where your foot rests.
• Roll the shoulders down and back and lift through your heart.
• When you're ready BREATHE IN and lift your arms & BRANCHES up to the sky.
• It's OK for your body to sway, like a tree in the wind but your foot stays ROOTED in the GROUND.
• Stretch up, reach out and spread your branches far and wide. GROW.
• Whenever you're ready, bring your hands to your heart centre...
• To REFLECT on nature's greatest gift - THE TREE.

Physical Benefits:

• Develops awareness, balance, concentration, and poise
• Revitalizes the spine as well as the body and mind
• Strengthens the entire leg, ankles and feet
• Increases flexibility in the thighs and hips