National Tree Day - Artwork: A GREAT tree day.

A GREAT tree day.

A GREAT tree day. © Claire Siaus

We started the day off with applying sunscreen and wearing our hats. We discussed the rules and what was going to happen on our walk. We then followed our carer Vicki and began to walk through the Bob Blackburn Reserve situated next to our centre.

The children chose the ways they would like to go following the tracks provided in the reserve. We looked at different parts of the area talking about the foilage and the trees. The children collected exciting things along the way to take back to the centre and use for our group collage.

We made it to the end of the walk and had a running race to the park alongide the centre.

That arfternoon we had a mat session on How paper is made? What trees are made of? The children responded with there thoughts and these were documented.

The carers then provided glue, paper and the items the children had collected along the way for them to create a collage to be hung up and displayed in the room.

It was a great day had by all and we will definately be involved in national tree day in the future.

Photo: Lauren Thomson © Claire Siaus 2012