Planet Ark's National Tree Day engages over 300,000 people every year - most of whom are school aged. Over 200 councils across Australia take part. For these reasons alone, Tree Day is highly relevant to the community and an opportunity to get children and adults alike interested in visiting their local library to learn more. 


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What your library can do as part of National Tree Day


1. Promote your existing event in your area

Most Tree Day events are run by local councils, Landcare or community groups, who are aiming to increase community participation. Help promote their event to library visitors - find a public Tree Day planting event near your library on our website using your postcode. 


2. Run an educational Tree Day activity

You don't have to plant a tree to celebrate Tree Day! Here are some ideas of how your library can register an event:

  • Offer a Toddler/Preschool story-time
  • Run eco-craft activities
  • Include Tree Day as a theme for your July school holiday program
  • Set up a display in your children's section or entry (which may include local native plants, seeds, native animal soft toys and books)
  • Promote nature books in your Staff Picks and Premier Reading Challenge area
  • Display campaign posters and children's art in the library


3. Promote Tree Day to your Networks and include on your library's website calendar of events

National Tree Day is officially on Sunday 29th July, with Schools Tree Day on Friday 27th July, but you can hold your event on any day.

Planet Ark has lots of resources to help you get started including a Library How to do it Guide recommended activities, stories, rhymes and songs, as well as posters and flyers to display at your library. 


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Register your library online, fax your registration or call our Tree Day Hotline on 1300 88 5000 and we'll walk you through it.