Insurance - Non Schools

Planet Ark Public Liability Insurance:

  • Planet Ark Environmental Foundation has General Liability Insurance – Public and Products.
  • In relation to registered public National Tree Day events, Planet Ark has arranged Voluntary Workers Insurance.

Planet Ark Voluntary Workers Insurance:

  • National Tree Day (NTD) is a volunteer event, which each year sees up to 350,000 volunteers planting at approximately 4000 locations around Australia.
  • Planet Ark has arranged Voluntary Workers insurance which covers participants at registered public National Tree Day events. 

The essentials:

  • Insurance cover includes activities taking place on any date, so long as the activity is a registered public Tree Day event and participants are registered as attending the event.
  • Voluntary Workers insurance is available for participants at registered public National Tree Day events subject to the terms and conditions of the policy, with benefits varying dependent on age. 
  • For this cover to be effective each participant (including the site coordinator themselves) must be recorded on the petition-style ‘Participant Registration Form’. These forms should be supplied at each Tree Day site by the Site Coordinator. ‘Participant Registration Forms’ for children under 18 years of age must be signed by their parent or guardian. This form can be downloaded from our web site.

Additional Planting Dates

Planet Ark has secured Voluntary Workers Insurance to cover registered public National Tree Day events for any date.

Safety and Accidents

  • The site coordinator should ensure that the planting site is as safe as possible to minimise the risk of any injury occurring
  • Where possible the site coordinator should hold a first aid certificate or have a nominated qualified first aider on site and must have at least a basic first aid kit available to treat any injuries that may occur.
  • Any injuries that do occur must be documented on an ‘Accident/ Incident Report Form’ and reported to Planet Ark as soon as possible. ‘Accident/ Incident Report Forms’ are available from the website, or by calling the National Tree Day Hotline on 1300 88 5000
  • Never admit liability – an incident is an accident until proven otherwise.

If you have any other questions about National Tree Day and Voluntary Workers Insurance, please call the National Tree Day Hotline on 1300 88 5000.

This information can be downloaded as a pdf document by clicking on the link below. For the current insurance certificate, click on the link below.