2015 Schools Competition - Nature Craft Entrants

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Marrickville Council Globe Wilkins Preschool - NSW

Year 6

Teacher: Ruth Mules

Sculpture: The forest

Step 1

Engaging the children to connect with trees


• Outdoor garden/playground or park

• Space to meet inside

• Camera to document the activities


• Go outside into the garden and explore the trees

• Hug the trees

• Invite the children inside to create sculptures of the trees using their bodies

Step 2

Listening to the children’s knowledge and understandings


• Photos of the children in above experiences

• Paper, bark and leaves

• Coloured pencils , crayons and pastels


• Share and discuss photos of the above the above experiences

• Ask the children what they know about trees

• Draw pictures of the trees using paper and pastels and crayons

Step 3

Create the base for the tree sculptures


• Large chicken wire

• Recycled paper from magazines

• Wooden boards for base attached to the base of the chicken wire

Prepared by adults with input from children. The chicken wire is bent into cylindrical shape and attached to the wooden board- there is a hollow in the middle


• The children crush up the paper into balls

• Place the balls on paper inside the chicken wire

• When the wire is full pull the top of the chicken wire together

• Arrange the two trees so that they are close to each other forming an arch that can later be used for dramatic play

Step 4

Growing the trees


• Baskets for collecting materials

• Outdoor garden or park

• Recycled Natural materials: bamboo bark, leaves, seed pods, dried native flowers, autumn leaves

• Acrylic paint

• Glue

• Pastels and crayons


• Collect the natural materials from outside in baskets

• Collect fallen branches and twigs from tress

• The branches are placed inside through the centre of paper or are attached to the outside of the tree base with string to form the basic structure of the tree

• The children decorate the bamboo bark and seed pods and they become leaves or baby birds. They draw, paint or glue onto the materials.

• The children place their leaves and birds and flowers into the tree

• Low step ladders are provided so the children can reach up high.

Step 5

• The completed sculptures are arranged in a space where the children can access them

• The children continue to play around the trees and add more resources created through their imaginations.

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