2015 Schools Competition - Nature Craft Entrants

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Foundation Christian College - WA

Year 6

Teacher: Sharon Mitchell

1. Explain to children that we are going on a nature hunt, explain safety rules and how to be kind to our environment. Brain storm things that we might find on our walk.

2. Give each child a bag/pot to collect their nature items.

3. Walk all over school property paying special attention to different items in different areas.

4. Back in class, give children a squeezy bottle that contains good quality PVA glue.

5. Children squeeze a generous amount in a free form shape onto a piece of garbage bag.

6. Children choose items from their pot/bag to put onto the glue.

7. Let dry for several days (times differ according to weather).

8. Peel glue and nature craft off bag.

9. Using a large needle, put a hole in the glue.

10. Thread twine through and hang from ceiling.

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