2015 Schools Competition - Nature Craft Entrants

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St Oliver's Primary School - NSW

Year 6

Teacher: Warren Ziebowski

Garden Art Model Procedure

How to make a Space Garden Bed


1. Sticks ( preferably 10-20 sticks)

2. Hot glue gun

3. Sticks with leaves

4. Handful of soil.

5. Rubber bands (The amount of rubber bands used is your choice)

6. Cardboard (2 pieces)

7. Pipe cleaners

8. Scissors


1. Stack some sticks on top of each other and once you have done that you should wrap each end of the sticks with rubber bands. Make sure to make 4 of these walls that all are equal in length. (You can make your space garden how tall you want)

2. Now that you have made the 4 walls, you shall try make a Square by first shaping the walls into a square. Once you have made the shape, wrap at least two rubber bands around them (one each end of the cube).

3. Now get a piece of cardboard and put it underneath your “cube”. Then poke a hole on the left and right side of each wall . You should also poke a hole on the middle of the cube. (Make sure you place your cube on the middle of the cardboard.

4. After poking those holes, you shall put the pipe cleaners both tails inside the hole from underneath and tie it up. This is to keep the cardboard to your “cube, This will be useful when you are up to making your base.

5. Once you have tied the pipe cleaners you shall cut around the box making a square shape. This square shape should leave a few centimetres of free space.

6. Now, stick the the stick with tiny leaves inside the hole you have made in the middle of your box. Make sure to use the hot glue gun and glue it on all sides of the stick (make sure the stick is sticking out a bit on the other side). After this, get another piece of cardboard and press the cardboard to the sticking out part of the stick gently (Keep this position). Now use the hot glue gun and place the glue on all sides of the stick.Once you have done this push down on the cardboard to stick the two pieces.

After following these steps you have made a garden bed….but no ordinary garden bed…. but you have made a garden that can survive in space because it is a …….. MAGICAL GARDEN BED!!

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