2015 Schools Competition - Nature Craft Entrants

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Eudunda Area School - SA

Year 6

Teacher: Joanna Connelly

WHITE WINGED CHOUGH "Nature inspired Art project"

White Winged Choughs work and live in groups. They work together to build a nest and to help incubate (sit on) eggs and care for the young. Choughs gather mud and fibres (grass, bark, etc) to form the nest, then use their bill to trowel and trim it.
  • Students make a pinch pot using pottery clay. When these are dry (approximately 2 weeks).
  • Soil and clay are dug up and mixed with water in a wheelbarrow by students. Bits of grass and twigs are also mixed in.
  • Students build a nest with their mud either on a stump or log or in the fork of a tree.
  • In months to come, the students monitor how long their nest survives and compare their time with how long the Choughs’ nest lasts (which can be years). It is also pointed out to students that the White Winged Choughs only had their bills to use to make a mud nest, compared to the children’s hands.

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