2015 Schools Competition - Nature Craft Entrants

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Clifton Street Children's Centre - Vic

Year 6

Teacher: Leanne Rodriguez

Nature mask


Elements from nature

Paper mask



Step by step Instructions

1- Ask the children to collect nature elements such as sticks, all kind of leaves, fallen flowers, seeds, and more, from a garden or any closer outdoors space. Make sure the elements are fallen pieces in the ground and not from a living tree; the idea is to inspire children to love and respect nature.

2- After collecting all the elements gather them in a large table. Provide magnifier glasses to the children so they can explore the patterns and textures in the nature elements collected and engaged in a conversation about what they see.

3- Draw a mask onto a piece of card board or thick paper, making sure that the eye holes are the same width apart as your eyes or provide the children with a mask template ready to use.

4- Play nature sounds as a background music for inspiration

5- Encourage the children to create their personal nature collage using the glue to add their favorite nature elements.

6- After the designs are ready and the have dried, encourage the children to try them on and enjoy them playing outdoors.

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