2015 Schools Competition - Nature Craft Entrants

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lyndhurst early learning centre - Qld

Year 6

Teacher: cathy dawson

You will need:

Leaves and flowers collected from trees and plants in the garden

Coloured paper

laminatings sheets

Paper towels

3-rings folder


1. Have chidlren collect small leaves and flowers from the garden.

2. Help the children to press the leaves and flowers between sheets of paper towel and press between the pages of a heavy book and leave for a couple of weeks.

3. Fold coloured paper into thirds

4. Help children place leaves and flowers in each section to form eyes, a nose and mouth. Make sure to leave a 3cm margin on left-hand side.

5. Laminate each face.

6. Cut the faces into thirds, so that you end up with a collection of eye, nose and mouth cards.

7. Punch holes in each card, and place in the three-ring folder, with the ye cards at the top, nose in the middle and mouth cards at the bottom.

8. Children flip and turn the cards to make Tree-mendous Funny Faces.

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