2015 Schools Competition - Nature Craft Entrants

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Dalkeith Primary School - WA

Year 6

Teacher: Aoife McCabe

Imagination Pictures and Leafy Crowns

Step 1: We went outside and collected leaves that we thought were interesting colours or shapes

Step 2: As it had been raining we let them dry in the classroom for a few days

Step 3: Once they were dry we sorted them into those we wanted to paint and those we did not

Step 4: We painted some of the plain brown leaves in bright colours to make them more interesting and left them to dry

Step 5: We used the unpainted leaves to create imagination pictures by asking the question what could this leaf it be? Some of the ideas people came up with were a racing car, an umbrella and a crazy hair style

Step 6: We stuck the leaves to a page and used black texters to create the pictures we could see in our minds

Step 7: When the painted leaves were dry we stuck them onto strips of recycled paper and decorated them with pictures

Step 8: We used staplers to turn our decorated strips into beautiful crowns for us to wear.

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