2015 Schools Competition - Nature Craft Entrants

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Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School - Vic

Year 6

Teacher: Sharon Marley

National Tree Day @ Mother Teresa PS 2015

We spoke about National Tree Day and about why it is important to have this day and spoke about what trees do for us.

We went outside to collect natural resources like, twigs, moss, flowers, stems, bark, leaves, sand, stones and grass.

We came back inside after collecting objects and put them on the floor to see what we found.

The next day we all got together and started to build the tree.

While we were building the tree we engaged in dialogue about how we were going to put the tree together and spoke about how we were going to make the tree look real and alive.

During creating our tree we all collaborated and dialogued to each other how we were going to design our tree and what material we were going to use for the parts of our tree. It was a great opportunity and privilege being a part of this contest.

Making our Tree

1. The Trunk- First we place the big sticks in rows to make the trunk. Then we used the small sticks, bark and twigs to cover the big sticks to make the trunk look realistic.

2. The Leaves- We created our leaves by lifting up the sticks and placing the leaves underneath the sticks so that we could see the branches and that it looked realistic.

3. The Ground- The ground was created by small rocks, mini rocks, grass, tanbark and leaves. We first placed the small tanbark then the small rocks and mini rocks on top of the tanbark. We added grass and leaves so that it looked like the leaves were falling from the tree.

4. The Roots- We used the dried and long grass to represent the roots coming from the tree. The sand was professed to be the dirt underneath the ground.

After we had finished with the tree we took it apart and put all the resources back where it belongs. This is so it can break down into mulch.

Our tree is made out of 100% natural materials collected from our school.

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