2015 Schools Competition - Nature Craft Entrants

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Kinder Haven - Vic

Year 6

Teacher: Marianne Fruci

Today we took part in National tree day. We created a tree out of an old recycled table top with some tree bark and some tan bark, green paint and gum nuts. The children also created some animals out of clay and a pine cone.

Step one:

We put some glue on to our Recycled table top the children worked as team to get the glue on to table top they all took turn in applying the glue.

Step two:

The children helped to stick on the tree bark for the stump of the tree. We had more team work from these two girls as one of them applied glue while the other was stick the tree bark.

Step three:

Picking up some tan bark for the surface of the tree stump. The children all got together to collect the tan bark.

Step four:

The children all got together and helped to stick the tan bark on to the tree stump. Some of the children applied glue while the others started to stick the tan bark.

What it looks like so far..

Step five:

The children making the leaves of the tree by painting their hands green and placing their hands on to the table top.

Step six:

The children placing the gum nuts on the hand printed tree with glue.

Step seven:

The children are making animals of their choice with clay and gum nuts. They made a porcupine, crocodile and a slug, snail.

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