2015 Schools Competition - Nature Craft Entrants

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Albuera Street Primary School - Tas

Year 6

Teacher: Michelle De Paoli

Exploring Trees on our Science and Nature Table

1. Set up your table with fake grass or green material as a base, containers or baskets full of natural and man-made materials so that the students can create trees.

2. We used recycled milk bottle caps, word labels using tree vocabulary, black A3 card as placemats and collected branches, twigs and leaves so that the students could freely create again and again- we took photos of their creations- very sustainable.

3. We placed our favourite Tree Day texts on display- The Lorax, The Last Tree in the City and Possum tale.

4. We provided paper and bark and crayons for tree rubbings.

5. We placed provocations from the PlanetArk/Cool Australia resource “Get to know a Tree” on our display tree in the middle of the table.

6. The laminated words were used by the students to label their creations.

7. We provided students with the opportunity to develop the skills and dispositions as set out in Outcomes 2, 4 and 5 of the EYLF. Enjoy! We did.

Albuera Kinder Team

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