2015 Schools Competition - Nature Craft Entrants

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Kooloora Preschool - NSW

Year 6

Teacher: Brianna Thomas

Kooloora Preschool celebrated Schools’ Tree Day over a period of a week from Monday 20th of July to Friday 24th of July, 2015. The ‘Schools’ Tree Day Nature Craft’ project which children undertook during this week consisted of creating clay sculpture faces on the trunk of a tree, as you can see a sample of in the PDF attached.

The children undertook a process in completing this nature craft project:

1. Children firstly collected a wealth of natural materials from the floor of our immediate bush environment, which included; gumnuts, gum leaves, sticks/twigs, lilly pillies, rocks and paperbark into coolamons and outdoor collection baskets.

2. Next, the children had to select from the collected natural resources which they were going to use to create each of the facial features on their clay sculpture.

Ocean stated “I feel like an Aboriginal child” in using a coolamon to collect natural resources from the environment.

3. The children then easily squashed and squeezed the clay to create a face. Some knew straight away what they wanted to make, others played with the clay until it began to form into a face of its own, and then they were away…

4. The clay stayed malleable for a little while, and throughout the week I noticed children checking back to see that their clay sculptures were still on the tree trunks – making changes and adding extra resources.

Additionally, throughout the week in celebration of Schools’ Tree Day we planted some new vegetables (carrots, celery, beetroot, tomatoes, cauliflower, lettuce and strawberries), also planted two new native trees (grevillea and beach cherry) as well as some sprouts seedlings. Children also took particular interest in adding to our worm farm and compost after discussing the importance.

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