2015 Schools Competition - Nature Craft Entrants

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Petrie Kids Korner - Qld

Year 6

Teacher: Lisa Taskov

"White Serpent Fantasy Garden"

Natural Resources Used:

Bark; wood; shells, pebbles, rocks/stones, glass pebbles; sticks; plastic bottles; cones, plants, paint, plaster of Paris; string, shells and cardboard tubes.


Use coloured paint to paint bark, pine cones, plastic bottles and varies wood items of different s sizes. Once dry create your background with the bark, glue together wood panels to make fairy doors to attach to a tree or other base item.. Cut up strips of plastic from the bottles and tie to the sticks to make flowers.

Use string to attach pine cones across from tree to tree and spread around other bits of painted wood, shells, pebbles, tubes and sticks to create a pattern in your garden area.

Make up the plaster of Paris with water and empty into round dishes covered with plastic wrap to stop sticking, set natural items inside the wet mixture and let set & completely dry. Once dry use the plaster of Paris steeping stones to create a shape of a snake and dig them into the ground to hold in place.

Finally, plant a series of trees and scrubs around about in different spaces to finish off your fantasy garden. Children have also chosen to use the dinosaurs to dot around the place.

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