2015 Schools Competition - Nature Craft Entrants

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Bell State School - Qld

Year 6

Teacher: Lenore McLaren

Nature Inspired Art – MANDALAS based on artwork by Andy Goldsworthy

1. Selection of plain coloured A3 paper

2. Plastic supermarket bags for collecting items. One for each student.

3. Collect a selection of the following items from the school grounds: minimum of 6 types and minimum of 20 or more of each item. Many can be found already on the ground without picking from plants. Nature in Autumn offers many colours , textures, sizes and shapes of leaves and flowers.

Rocks, Leaves, Sticks / bark, Flowers, Berries / Seed / Pods and Grass

4. Let each student select a coloured A3 piece of paper for a background to construct the mandala on.

5. Sort out their collection into piles of the same items.

6. Start with the outer circular to arrange layer first on top of the coloured paper, then keep on adding smaller circular layer of items (a different one each time , finishing in the centre with the final layer.

7. Photograph the completed mandala and return the items to their original places or compost suitable items.

8. For a digital technology idea - This can also be done using apps – Mixala to create mandalas on ipads and students can include their own photos. The nature inspired mandala can be photographed as it is being created and in the app iMovie made into a time lapse movie showing the creation of the mandala.

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