National Tree Day Case Studies - Coordinator Profile Jenny Pybus

Coordinator Profile Jenny Pybus

Name: Jenny Pybus

School: Explore & Develop Brookvale

This was your first year participating in National Tree Day - why did you decide to get involved? 

We decided to get involved with National Tree Day as a way to educate the children about the importance of looking after our environment 

What did your School do for National Tree Day?

We were very kindly contacted by Toyota Brookvale. We set up a time and they brought in seedlings and little pots and soil. The children then potted the seedlings. Various activities/colouring in was organised resources on the Planet Ark website.

What were the main benefits for your council of participating in National Tree Day?

The kids had fun planting the seedlings and learning how to do it.

What was your biggest challenge in organising your National Tree Day event?

No big challenges - everything ran fairly smoothly

What advice would you offer to others thinking about becoming a Tree Day Coordinator?

It doesn't have to be all serious!

And just for fun, if you were given the seed of a 'money tree', where would you plant it?

I would plant the seed of a ‘money plant' in my backyard and have fun giving the money away.