National Tree Day Case Studies - Shire of Mt Marshall

Shire of Mt Marshall

Over the last six years, National Tree Day in the Shire of Mt. Marshall has seen local residents working together rejuvenating the local environment. Located in the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia, the Shire is home to a wonderful variety of wildflowers and birdlife which the Council seeks to protect in many of its environmental initiatives.

Since 2002, the National Tree Day site has been on the Beebeegnying Gravel Pit in the town of Bencubbin as part of the larger Gravel Pit Rehabilitation Project. Council staff work alongside the parents and students of the Beacon and Bencubbin Primary Schools to help revegetate this precious site. Though the Council works on the site throughout the year, levelling, weeding and caring for the native trees planted each Tree Day, National Tree Day helps promote the rehabilitation project to the community to garner more volunteers and greater community awareness about environmental care.

To help gather funds for their 2008 event, energy providers, Western Power, lent their support. Each year, the Lake McDermott Catchment Group is also on hand to share their knowledge and skills with the local community.

In total, over 3000 native seedlings have been planted, provided by the Shire of Mt Marshall Community Nursery. Now, 30 native plant species are growing strongly, attracting indigenous butterflies and birds to the site while also improving the overall health of the soil.