National Tree Day Case Studies - Hugging a Giant

Hugging a Giant

To highlight the significance of the Groom River Valley, and to celebrate Tree Day, a group recently visited the Tasmania's ‘fattest' tree - the Blue Tier Giant, with its massive 19.4 metre girth! The group of 40 friends of the Blue Tier enjoyed the 4km walk through the Groom River Valley - marvelling at the magnificence of the giant trees and pristine Groom River. As part of the celebration the group hugged the giant tree, which is so massive it took 15 people to wrap around the trunk.

The Groom River is the last pristine, intact tributary of the George River - the largest river flowing off the east coast of Tasmania. Despite it's pristine state and lobbying from the Friends of the Blue Tier, not one stick of the area is protected, apart from a 40 meter buffer around the blue tier giant. Clearfelling is due to start in the groom river valley later this year. For more information on saving the forest, visit Friends of the Blue Tier at