Tree Day at work

Research released by Planet Ark shows that Australians are willing to give up an average of $3,674* pay to be able to work in a more natural workplace but 28% of workers can’t see any natural features from their workspace. It also shows that having plants around the office helps workers recover from tiredness more quickly, reduces the presence of airborne bacteria and increases productivity.

National Tree Day is a great opportunity for workplaces to bring a bit more nature into the workplace or to encourage staff to get outside. Activities could include:

  • Planting trees in the garden
  • Hosting a green morning or afternoon tea
  • Giving staff plants for their desks or to take home

Once you decide on what to do make sure you register your activity with us so your achievements are added to the national totals. 

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  • NTD18 Connect In Nature Full Report ( 8.40MB pdf file)
    This report by Pollinate investigates how Australians spend their time in nature, how it impacts them and how the use of technology outdoors can actually enhance their green time.