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Torque Toyota celebrates 14 years of National Tree Day

On Schools Tree Day Torque Toyota helped inspire the next generation of green thumbs. Bush tucker, nude lunch competitions and veggie gardens were just a few of the activities to celebrate National Tree Day!

In 2021, Torque Toyota celebrates 14 years of Schools Tree Day and National Tree Day! In this time, they have partnered with multiple schools including Mango Hill State School, Hercules State School, Jinibara State School, Boondall State School, St. Margaret's Anglican Girls School, Sesame Lane Regency and Street Childcare Centre.  

Bush tucker plants were sourced for Schools Tree Day including Midyim Berry, Native Ginger, Lemon-scented Tea Tree, Blue Tongue and Cinnamon Myrtle.  

“It was fun digging and planting trees with my class, and helping make our school green and pretty!” Year 5 student Jasmine says.  

Boondall State School students got involved with a range of activities including a nude food lunch photo competition to encourage less plastic in the school.  

St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School worked on their veggie garden as part of their Schools Tree Day activities, planting a range of fruit and vegetables to further educate students on the value of the land, plus other native plants and shrubs. 

Three year old Zahlia says her Schools Tree Day experience was good and "the dirt was squishy. I made a plant bed with my friends.”

We’re proud of our long-term partnership with Toyota Australia and their continued support of National Tree Day. If you are looking for support, contact your local Toyota dealership for next year’s Schools Tree Day or National Tree Day event.  

2022 dates  Schools Tree Day: Friday 29th July   National Tree Day: Sunday 31st August 

Jennifer McMillan

Jen worked as a vet nurse while studying environmental science and completing her master's degree in Journalism. She loves bushwalking, storytelling, caring for baby animals, Australian birds and river red gums. Jen works on the National Tree Day and National Recycling Week campaigns.